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miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

News from Lady Mishka

Hello everyone! Lady Mishka is back.
She has had a difficult time. I ask for a little understanding for her, we all make mistakes. She is a great person and I love her! I show you what she wrotes on her wall

I decided to write this because I have the desire and mood.
Some people do not understand me. And to them are very important to crawl under the skin. They constantly verdicts: this is good, and this - bad.
Some very hypocritical. They only play your friends. Then find a good point and stab the needle under your fingernails.
You're in a whirlpool. Hundreds of people. Everyone is different. A million of rumors and lies. Envy, desire to dominate, weakness, complex ...
You have to change your own principles. You have to change your outlook. Because you are in society. According to statistics, one in a hundred people are affected by bipolar disorder. Neurotic people for a lot longer. Psychopath - this is not a disease, but these people too much.
And a lot of stupid and limited people.
This is not a secret to anyone. But each of us wants to be on the other side. Nobody wants to admit that there are problems.
But they are.
And when you're in a great community, you have to understand that there are people with different disabilities. And when it comes to the Internet, you have to understand also that there are a lot of lies.
But I see around me are amazing people.
They're just good. They do not commit evil deeds. They are not making vampirism, not suck the energy out of you. There are no people who are willing to find the time and put a spoke in the wheel. And so I write this. For these people.
No, I'm not a saint. Yes, I make many mistakes. Yeah, I'm not a model of integrity. And I can not always make the right choice. But I'm a good person. Here's what I know. And if I have cheated anyone or causing pain to someone who does not deserve it, it's because that was stupid and did not know what to do differently.
Now the most important thing for me - it's my baby. We have some of the disease, and I do the treatment. I have very little money. And a lot of enemies. But all this dust. These little things that I do not notice. Because I have friends. Friends who helped me to survive in this world.
These people can be counted on one hand. But their numbers are increasing. These people do not condemn me or hurt me. They follow the race. This Alena and Rzhevskii from PFD - they help me in spite of my mistakes, that Yolanda (she is very beautiful and kind), Rosa - a great creative person, Estrella (we had a falling out right now, but she's my friend anyway), Leah and Yamaira - really miss you, Mari Carmen - very good girl! Bibi - the best designer, a very talented girl and I'm sorry we had a fight, Marie from SATC - which helped me in every way when I was in absolute confusion and many others. Yes, some of you do not with me. So sorry. But I still love you. There is a mind and a heart. And you are in my heart.
I think that our community - it is not money.
I think that if you do not like the way I live, you can just walk by.
Some of you wonder why I live this way. Why can I have multiple accounts, or I close LadyMishka. Because I am. Because I have a good reason. They are simple: fatigue, jealousy, and depression.
I do not want to go back nothing.
And not everything that is happening now, suits me.
But since built my way.
The only thing I'm really glad it's that my friends do not ask too many questions. They are just a number and all. And I know that they all know, feel, understand. But silent. And just close by. That's what they most value.
I thank you for that.
What you will not betray me. What you do not judge me. What are you good people. You have a great soul. And those who judge, who is always complaining, who does not see themselves any sins, but sees them in others - it is stupid people. Let them make friends with someone else.
Thank you.
Thank you for being there with me, or that you were with me.
Thank you."

You can download her new free tube at PFD

I'm back!!

Good morning everyone! After a break in my designs I decided to return. I inform you that I've left two stores (Scrappin dollars and Le paradis du scrap). And from today you can find my products

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